ISAT Global services limited has been into the telecom sector for some years now, with this intent in mind, we are writing to introduce our newest master piece satellite-based Internet Service and we want you to consider it as a potential acquisition of great worth.

Recognizing the need for efficient and effective communication, ISAT has the capacity to provide satellite-based internet services in African, Europe and Asia with the backbone of Al Yah 1, Al Yah 2 and Al Yah 3 Satellite gateways.

The new satellite-based internet service has wider coverage, uninterrupted connectivity and is way above the other Broadband Service providers. Along with its brand of secure and robust stability, we offer the best satellite-based internet services, the expertise you need, the reliability you demand, and the resources only a global partner can provide.

We have developed various Solutions that would provide succour to our customers on their various communication challenges with special focus on the Semi-Urban, Rural and Remote areas at a very high speed of 50Mbps and affordable prices

We provide solutions for:

Enterprise VSAT: Enterprise, Large offices and Network

Business VSAT: Small, and Medium businesses

Maritime VSAT: Ferries, Fishing, and Leisure vessels

Media broadcasting Government Services

Our available services are:

  1. Internet Services – This enables you to purchase internet data bundle of your choice for your various applications/ uses;

  2. Wi-Fi Solutions – This solution provides you with opportunity to link up your various offices, branches, service points or outlets with the Head Offices with the use of internet to ensure proper supervision, control and monitoring;

  3. Non-Internet Private Network Solution – This is similar to Wi-Fi Solutions by linking various service outlets to the main or head office but does not need internet to function.

  4. Enterprise Packages – Available in various capacity and great speed of up to 50mbps for downloads. The upload speed is also relatively high.

  5. Isat - Managed Solutions – Ensures end-to-end connectivity, availability, flexibility and customizable.

  6. Partner-Managed Solutions – Enables greater flexibility of choice of service delivery platforms including Hughes HN, Hughes Jupiter and iDirect. It adopts Pay-As-You-Grow model that saves on initial CAPEX costs.

  7. Wi-Fi Solutions – Enjoys always-on connectivity with fully solar-powered, self-charging equipment that can be remotely activated.

  8. Customized Solutions – It enables you create your own private network (Intranet) to connect various branches with central offices providing secure access.

  9. Raw Capacity – Hosted on Yahsat Gateways with raw satellite capacity in Ka Band and enables you full flexibility for Service Providers to install their own equipment and use raw capacity as per their own needs.


  • Flexibility – The solutions allow switching possibility between the various packages.
  • Affordability – The costs of our devices and services are cheap and very affordable.
  • Availability - It is available anywhere, everywhere and anytime on 24/7 basis.
  • Cost-saving - It saves an organization the costs of maintaining its task-personnel.
  • Reliability – Our services are very reliable and their quality is guaranteed.
  • Effective Control – By our Wi-Fi Solution, effective control and monitoring are assured.
  • Portability – Our equipment are small and very portable and therefore space-effective.
  • Installation Simplicity – Our devices are very simple to install.
  • Coverage – They have very wide coverage and are available in semi-urban, rural and remote areas, etc.

The pricing for our products and services on the identified needs are different and are task-dependent. However, they are negotiable based on economy of scale. Consideration would be given for the level of patronage. We are giving you literally everything you need to know.

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