low latency

Low Latency, High Bandwidth

With iSAT satellite Internet service as your Internet connection you can always count on low-latency data transmission. That means you’ll spend less time waiting around and more time being productive

IT Integration

I. T Integrations

We integrate seamlessly with your existing resources with focus on smart solution and high performance, we build high experience with first class service.

High Speed Internet Access

High Speed Internet

Our High Speed Internet service networks have all the features you need. Enjoy High Speed Performance, Scaleable and Flexible Bandwidth. No busy signals with your Internet access nationwide.


Unrivaled Pricing

We are 100% transparent about the cost of our products and services. We offer unbeatable choice of subscription to meet your budget and requirements without compromising on quality.

Enterprise VSAT

Business VSAT

Maritime VSAT Media Broadcasting Government Services
Enterprise, Large offices, Network
Small, and Medium Businesses
Ferries, Fishing, Leisure Vessels
Radio / TV Channels SMG

Enterprise level fully dedicated bandwidth to single or multiple sites anywhere in the world, up to 200Mbps.

Dedicated IP connectivity for enterprises, businesses, government and military etc.

GSM over satellite for telecoms.

VPN connections Sharing ratio 1:1
Maximum downloads available on all equipment kits

For uploads of under 1Mbps: 74cm or 98cm Hughes Kit(s) on Ka Band

For uploads of over 1Mbps: 1.2m VSAT Kit for high-end applications

Smallest Package: 256/128 kbps 1:1 Up to:

UNLIMITED download and upload on 1:1 dedicated

Perfect for small / medium offices who need high quality, reliable Internet connectivity.

iSAT Global Service Business VSAT solution delivers full and unlimited Internet access over satellite connection to any place in the world.

Support data, voice, and video applications.

Ideal for remote offices, small and medium companies, Internet café businesses, NGOs, hotels, distance learning, disaster recovery, and more

iSAT is a leading provider of VSAT communication services to the maritime industry (Maritime VSAT), supplying planning, design, engineering, and services relating to cruise ships, work boats, fishing vessels, tankers, freighters, ferries, fast ferries, offshore projects of all types, dining yachts and gaming vessels globally.

A complete range of services for contribution & distribution of Television channel and Radio channel content around the globe.

iSAT Media Broadcasting provides TV channels a wide ranging solution to manage 24/7 television channels, from asset management, playlist management and delivery to an audience anywhere in the world.

iSAT is committed to serving the government of countries where we have coverage with robust and secure satellite enabled solutions. Our end-to-end managed solutions cover land, sea and air with an expertise that extends across the globe to embassies, government networks, law enforcement, border control services, critical infrastructure, oil and gas companies, ISR service providers plus emergency and disaster relief


  • ISAT’s enterprise VSAT solution support data, voice, and video applications. They are ideal for high-speed, large bandwidth, corporate networks. This modern satellite Internet access is designed is to keep you connected to the Internet backbone through iSAT satellite gateway.
  • ISAT’s Enterprise VSAT Solution is a dedicated service of 1:1, for customers who require quality high speed Internet, on a fixed monthly fee. iSAT will provide full VSAT equipment (Ka band), and the download and upload speed of your choice. If you have your own hardware, we can provide you the service as well.!
  • ISAT’s Enterprise VSAT Solution can provide you with speeds of between 256kbps to 200Mbps download / 512kbps to 100Mbps upload, fully dedicated. No matter where you are or what your existing network, iSAT will provide you with a fast, reliable and secure Internet connection.

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